Greenhouse Top Max
Suitable for

Vegetables solution

Flowers solution

Leafy Vegetables solution

Nurseries solution

Crop Type
Cover Type
Price Range
Climate Condition
Window Type
Erection Complexity
Structure Type
Wind Load
4, 4.5, 5m
8m, 9.6m
Cold Climate
None \ Single \ Double
Multi Span
Up To 150

Polycarbonate – Double Slope Roof

  • Suitable for extreme cold or hot climate conditions.
  • Roof single or double vents electrically operated.
  • Reinforcement for snow: beams are placed every 2 meters.
  • Reinforced for trellising load and snow of 25 Kg/m².
  • Condensation water management – optional
  • Covering: all rigid types (polycarbonate)
  • Side walls can be combined with polyethylene roll-up curtains
    manually or electrically operated
  • Roof and side openings are protected with insect-proof nets
  • Height of vent opening – up to 1.50 m

Tbilisi, Georgia


Type of Greenhouse: Top Max – polycarbonate covering

Size: 5,000 m2

Application: vegetables

Equipment: complete automation, hydroponic growing system, hot-air heating, air circulators, exhaust fans, thermal screen

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