General Characteristics

Most of our greenhouse designs follows these Characteristics:

Basic Structure Characteristics:

          • Wind load strength: 90-147 km/h
          • Trellising load standard: 25 kg/m²
          • Life span: minimum 20 years
          • Rust free:10 years
          • Steel parts hot galvanized


Polyethylene film coverings greenhouse are manufactured in accordance with the Israel Institute of Standards Number 821 ACIOC certificate, which accompanies each shipment, including certification of thickness, durability, strength and light transmission.

The warranty of the polyethylene film is graded and correlates to the number of years the film has been in use.     

Possible types of Greenhouses Coverings

            • Polyethylene 5 layers - simple and double
            • Woven polyethylene
            • Anti-insect nets
            • Polycarbonate
            • Roll-up curtains
            • Thermal screen
            • Shade nets


Integrating agro-systems into the greenhouse structure is one of our experties, we can supply customer with all types of systems:

          • Vegetable trellising
          • Wet pads for temperature decrease
          • Ventilation systems - operated manually or electrically
          • Heating devices
          • Automatic climate control
          • Nursery accessories: growth tables, trays, etc.
          • Irrigation systems
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