Our Mission

Top Greenhouse's mission is to adhere to the following principles:

      • To employ solutions that promote environmental sustainability and conscientious use of our natural resources, including land, water, sunlight, wind, soil and air

      • To ensure that our greenhouses are optimally engineered and produced, employing innovation, quality materials and proven methods to cater to the strategic objectives of our customers.

      • To provide maximum value and return-on-investment in the industry on turn-key greenhouse cultivation projects.

      • To employ advanced technologies to ensure maximum control of greenhouse environment, humidity, irrigation, ventilation, light management, fertilization, pest management and harvest.

      • To provide outstanding technical and customer service support at all stages of projects.

      • To ensure the expertise and qualification of our staff and our partners working on our customers' behalf.

      • To reduce the distance between the greenhouse and the grocer by reducing obstacles, costs and middlemen, while improving the value, cleanliness and quality of cultivated produce.

      • To cultivate long-term relationships with our customers, earning their trust and loyalty.

      • To serve as a respected reference to growers globally
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