Our Quality

The complexity of the dynamic greenhouse system requires that problem solving and planning should not occur with the daily management decisions, but during the design stage of the greenhouse, prior to implementation. Design and operation of a greenhouse for plant production are challenging tasks even for the most experienced growers or designers, primarily because they are a highly complex system of biological and mechanical subsystems. These subsystems are deeply interrelated and must function together to provide successful crop production.

Superior quality is what distinguishes Top Greenhouse from the rest; not only in production, but also in design, service standards and efficiency, while costs are competitively aligned with the Greenhouses market.

Adopting the most advanced techniques of design and computer simulation, we believe that a successful project starts from a good design and the right solution to the customer need. A kick-off meeting gathers all the departments, sales, engineering, logistics, project management & production to get the needed inputs and the highlights of the project throughout the company, to achieve the best integration possible.

In production planning, machining process control, testing and on-time delivery, Top Greenhouses adopts the highest required standards. Under Top Greenhouses' quality assurance program, the procurement and testing of raw materials, the elaboration of workshop drawings and the final inspection and testing prior to shipment, are all carried out in-house. Top Greenhouses also places particular importance on providing an excellent working environment for its employees, observing the latest modern regulations governing workplace health and safety.

Top Greenhouse is ISO 9001 qualified, and we are working hard to achieve the highest level of quality possible.

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