Why us


Top Greenhouses has conducted dozens of successful projects throughout the world, giving customers complete confidence that the Company can adapt to different climates, cultures and partners.


The Company is fully committed to its customers from the initial submission of quotation to the final construction of the project. Customers can count on a totally reliable partner.


Top Greenhouses offers excellent, cost-effective pricing based on turn-key project specifications, a detailed feasibility study and business plan, thus ensuring optimal pricing of resulting produce and the successful realization of financial goals determined by the business plan.


All Top Greenhouses structures are designed based on state-of-the-art crop-growing technologies. They are constructed from high-quality materials, which are easy to install, saving customers manpower, time and expenses, while ensuring the durability and long-term profitability of the structure and its operations.


Top Greenhouses are designed with the objective of keeping required and recommended maintenance of greenhouses and their systems to a minimum, in an effort to reduce manpower, maintenance down-time and expenses, without sacrificing reliability, durability and economy.

Climate Endurance

Top Greenhouses structures are designed for heavy winds, torrential rains and abundant snow, as well as the burden of trellised vegetables loads, based on the security coefficients required by all international standards. With a 20-year average life span, the structures allow for full implementation of the customer?s basic feasibility study and business plan.


Top Greenhouses offer optimal ventilation and allow customer-control of the ventilation levels, enabling the customer to take advantage of existing weather conditions and to create optimal conditions necessary to achieve production volumes and quality.


Top Greenhouses structures are reinforced for trellised support of vegetables, providing better control and management of crop cultivation, as well as preventing foliage disease and harm to the quality of the produce.

Environmental Control

The high degree of environmental control in Top Greenhouses ensures maximum flexibility in diversification of crop cultivation, regardless of local climate, enabling businesses to adapt to the changing demand of today's markets, while ensuring higher prices for their produce and greater profitability over the life of the project.


Customers can expect excellence, effectiveness and credibility by employing Top Greenhouses. The Company employs state-of-the-art documentation, ensuring on-time-delivery, effective project management and reduction of overall expenses.

Customer Support

Customers can expect maximum service and technical support, when working with Top Greenhouses, providing confidence and peace of mind with regard to the reliability of technical, agricultural and management issues.

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