Your type of crop will determine your growing environment. TOP offers a line of nursery equipment products,  adaptable to the level of technology required: growing tables, germination trays, germination room, boom-irrigation, overhead sprinklers, seeding line machine, etc.

Growing Tables

Your type of crop will determine your growing environment. To maximize space when using growing tables, a movable bench system is recommended. If possible, a system of overhead carts or a conveyer system can help speed up work and reduce labor costs.
TOP offers a range of galvanized growing nursery tables with special frames that support germination trays for sowing and growing seedlings. Our growing tables are especially designed to meet your needs.

Boom Irrigation

TOP’s boom irrigation system allows complete control over most of the centralized irrigation process in the nursery. The system is equipped with sprinklers at a distance of 30 cm, each consuming approximately 2.5 liters of water per minute at a pressure of 2 bars.
At a width of 8-9.6 meters, the irrigation boom is equipped with 24-32 sprinklers, providing water at a volume of approximately 60 liters per minute.
Another benefit of the irrigation boom is its ability to fertilize and disinfect the crops during the irrigation process.
The boom moves on top of a central axle above the crop and is managed by a computerized controller, ensuring that the exact amount of water and fertilizer is provided in a timely and uniform manner.

Nursery Overhead Sprinklers

Hanging sprinklers irrigation for nursery systems apply the latest technology to minimize cost and labor, while maximizing crop results.
Hanging sprinklers apply a slow, calculated dosing of water to your plants ensuring health and growth to seedlings.
Water and fertilizer are applied uniformly resulting in a highly top quality crop.

Sowing line machines

TOP’s sowing line includes a substrate mixing machine, especially designed for mixing and elevating different kinds of peat and soil substrates, as well as a germination-trays filling machine. Sowing machines are for propagating and germinating seeds for horticulture and agriculture.
Our machines are designed for seeding a wide variety of seeds into many different size seeding trays, efficiently and uniformly.
We offer a range of both manual and automatic seeders that accurately dispense the seeds into germination trays for the cultivation of saplings.

Germination room

TOP’s germination room is a plant cultivation chamber providing optimal and uniform germination conditions  by ensuring equal distribution of the humidity. This ensures maximum seed germination, regardless of weather conditions and other environmental variability.
Our germination room allows farmers to plan their produce delivery accurately and are designed to adapt to various  production volumes, according to farmers’ specific needs.


The successful production of greenhouse vegetables, herbs and other crops is extremely dependent on the use of proper varieties of seeds.

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