Top Greenhouses’ comprehensive approach to turnkey greenhouse projects begins with an initial feasibility study and incorporates all stages of evaluation, development, design, construction, installation and implementation.

And that is not all. Top Greenhouses continues to provide support to ensure the proper operation of its greenhouse projects, to ensure they achieve their economic potential. With ongoing technical, agronomic and commercial support, Top Greenhouses optimizes its customers’ growth methods and crop selections to best satisfy customer needs evolving market demands.

The Company’s unique Global/Local approach to turnkey greenhouse projects is based on the know-how of its highly specialized professional staff and management. The combination of years of hands-on experience and cutting-edge professional capabilities enables Top Greenhouses to work hand-in-hand with its customers, not only during the implementation of a project, but for many years thereafter.

Top Greenhouse Integration – Putting it all Together

Top Greenhouses takes great pride in its world-class integration capabilities, which have been earned through extensive agro-technology and greenhouse development experience in diverse countries, climates and challenges globally.

As a partner to its customers’ success, Top Greenhouses strives to help establish the appropriate balance between internal factors, such as customers’ goals, budgets and resources, as well as external factors, such as technological solutions, agro-economics and crop requirements.

Hundreds of successful turnkey greenhouse projects have earned Top Greenhouses an international reputation as an authority in project integration and management, as well as the know-how to answer questions and manage situations that are reserved for the industry experts.

Top Greenhouses experts in agronomy, agro-technology and agro-economics work side-by-side with customers to execute turnkey projects, which elevate agriculture to a new plane – higher levels of quality, yield and profitability. By sharing its knowledge and experience, the Company helps create a viable, economical and profitable growth environments, ensuring that customers get the greatest yield from their investment – in both senses of the word.

Top Greenhouses Ltd, a supplier of solutions for agricultural projects, provides services and products for the investor, starting from the characterization of the project up to the marketing of the produce.

We have been induced to build our know-how and our technology to answer the challenges of:

  • Major changes in the area of agro business.
  • Major changes in the area of consumer habits, regarding the components of the “food basket”, of the middle classes in developed and developing countries.
  • Increase in world population.
  • Dramatic increase in people’s consciousness regarding “healthy food” and “environment”.
  • Major changes in the chain of supply, from the grower (everywhere in the world) to the supermarket shelf (the consumer everywhere in the world).

As a result we supply “added value” to entrepreneurs who wish to invest in an agro-project, this kind of project usually includes the following stages:

    • Necessary data:
      • who is the customer
      • what he wants to grow
      • new project / expansion
      • open field / greenhouse
      • climate (wind, temperature, rain, snow, radiation, humidity)
      • water analysis
      • soil analysis 

    • Results:
      • integration of data
      • Required greenhouse design
      • Required climate conditions and control
      • Technology and agro technology tools in greenhouse for each crop
      • Soil less description, containers and control
      • Fertilization quantities and formulas
      • Plant protection pesticides quantities
      • Water need and quality
      • Monthly and total production
      • Labor quantity

    • Necessary data:
      • Characterization
      • Financial data
      • workmanship costs
      • available subsidies
      • local financing costs, etc.
      • Marketing targets, to which markets is the produce targeted – local, export
      • industry, washing, packaging, canning.
      • where is the produce coming from the world to the target market
      • Target prices for the produce, recent year prices for the specific market
      • Available workmanship, what skills are locally available today, etc.

    • Results:
      • Business Plan, general and comprehensive.

    • Necessary data:
      • Turnkey project / partial supply, Work divided between customer and supplier/s
      • Financing and subsidies
      • Time-table.

    • Results:
      • Go, No-Go decision.

    • Design of project – details and integration of technology
    • Writing tenders and submitting to suppliers
    • Decision on suppliers
    • Time from order to port (production of equipment)
    • Transportation
    • Installation
    • Planting / growing / processing

    • Agronomic guidance
    • Growing expert guidance
    • Harvesting
    • Storage, packing and delivery
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Florida, USA

Type of Greenhouse: Saw Tooth Size: 12,500 m2 Application: bell peppers Equipment: manually operated shading screen

Type of Greenhouse: Saw Tooth

Size: 12,500 m2

Application: bell peppers

Equipment: manually operated shading screen


Tbilisi, Georgia


Type of Greenhouse: Top Max – polycarbonate covering

Size: 5,000 m2

Application: vegetables

Equipment: complete automation, hydroponic growing system, hot-air heating, air circulators, exhaust fans, thermal screen




Type of Greenhouse: Tropical 9.6

Size: 5300 m2

Application: soil-less hydroponic growing system

Crop: Vegetables




Type of Greenhouse: Gothic Closed Roof

Size: 1 acre

Application: nursery for saplings

Equipment: thermal screen, overhead nursery sprinklers, air circulation fans


Batumi, Georgia


Type of Greenhouse: Gothic single roof-vent

Size: 10,100 m2

Application: Trellised vegetables

Equipment: thermal screen, fogging system, boilers heating system, automated climate control, automated fertigation, air circulation, soil-less hydroponic growing system




Type of greenhouse: Tropical 9.6

Size of project: 15000m2

Application: nursery tables for saplings + NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) – automatic hydroponic System




Type of Greenhouse: Saw Tooth 6.4, reinforced for wind load of 180 Km/h, Australian Standard

Size: 2 acres

Application: Trellised vegetables

Equipment: thermal/shading screen, fogging system




Type of Greenhouse: Gothic single roof-vent

Size: 10,100 m2

Application: Nursery for saplings

Equipment: thermal screen, fogging system, boilers heating system, automated climate control, BOOM irrigation, air circulation, growing tables + germination trays

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