Growing Systems

Growing Media
cocopeat Cocopeat it is an optimally aerated medium that naturally maintains the proper air/water ratio to promote healthy growth which will help prevent common water molds and diseases. Taking advantage of the composted materials and the uniformity in the textures of the coco peat itself, roots achieve desirable densities while always remaining straight and healthy.  
Proper water retention provides more consistent growing results under a wide range of conditions. Growers have found that they can even grow a number of varieties out of their normal seasons, completely changing their current marketing cycles.


Growing Container
growingcontainer Growing bags placed on “egg tray” drainage separators assures immediate drainage from the growing media, the drain water disposal is based on the assumption that the greenhouse area is prepared with a slope of 0.5% to 1.0%, so that the drain water can be collected into the drain collecting pipe system located in both end-gable sides. The drainage from all greenhouses will run by natural slope to one main drainage pit on each side of the greenhouses, and from there will be pumped to the drainage tank


Ground Cover
groundcover Ground cover is woven polypropylene cloth with combined colors:
Outer color is white (85%) and the inside color is black (85%). The cloth is strong, flexible and it blocks light transmission.
The white side is used uppermost in order to reflect back the sun’s rays onto the plant foliage and thereby improve its growth. The black side is used as groundcover to help prevent the growth of weeds in the paths. It is used for the growth of plants in soilless medium and other applications, where there is a need for porous cloth which blocks out light.


Trellising System
trellising The upright trellising method allows for extending the growing season to almost one full year and ensures at least 9 months of harvesting, higher quality crops and extremely increased yields. This system allows picking the vegetables in an easily, accessible height.
The load of the plants is supported by iron wires of 3.4 mm diameter the iron wires are held every 4 m by a cable system of 5 mm diameter. The system of cables is made of horizontal cables which connect the pillars at the width of the structure. On each gable span the cable is connected to the horizontal beam by 3 iron wires of 6 mm diameter. In this way the trellising cable is divided in 3 parts on each gable span.
Key features:        
  • Saves trellising labor time
  • Enables smooth lowering and assures full control of length
  • Designed to avoid slipping
  • Quick release of the first 3-4 meters of the twine
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