Life Cycle of a Project

Top Greenhouses Ltd, a supplier of solutions for agricultural projects, provides services and products for the investor, starting from the characterization of the project up to the marketing of the produce.

We have been induced to build our know-how and our technology to answer the challenges of:

      • Major changes in the area of agro business.
      • Major changes in the area of consumer habits, regarding the components of the "food basket", of the middle classes in developed and developing countries.
      • Increase in world population.
      • Dramatic increase in people's consciousness regarding "healthy food" and "environment".
      • Major changes in the chain of supply, from the grower (everywhere in the world) to the supermarket shelf (the consumer everywhere in the world).

As a result we supply "added value" to entrepreneurs who wish to invest in an agro-project, this kind of project usually includes the following stages:


      • Necessary data: who is the customer, what he wants to grow, new project/ expansion; open field/greenhouse; climate (wind, temperature, rain, snow, radiation, humidity); water analysis; soil analysis.

      • Results:
          • integration of data;
          • Required greenhouse design
          • Required climate conditions and control
          • Technology and agro technology tools in greenhouse for each crop
          • Soil less description, containers and control
          • Fertilization quantities and formulas
          • Plant protection pesticides quantities
          • Water need and quality
          • Monthly and total production
          • Labor quantity

Feasibility Study

      • Necessary data: Characterization, Financial data, workmanship costs, available subsidies, local financing costs, etc. Marketing targets, to which markets is the produce targeted -local, export; industry, washing, packaging, canning.; where is the produce coming from the world to the target market
        Target prices for the produce, recent year prices for the specific market, Available workmanship, what skills are locally available today, etc.

      • Results:
          • Business Plan, general and comprehensive.


Client Resolutions - Go, No-Go decision

      • Necessary data: Turnkey project / partial supply, Work divided between customer and supplier/s, Financing and subsidies, Time-table.
      • Results:
          • Go, No-Go decision.

Project Performance - Installation and Running

      • Design of project - details and integration of technology
      • Writing tenders and submitting to suppliers
      • Decision on suppliers
      • Time from order to port (production of equipment)
      • Transportation
      • Installation
      • Planting / growing / processing


Consulting and guiding (ongoing)

      • Agronomic guidance
      • Growing expert guidance
      • Harvesting
      • Storage, packing and delivery
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